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E-Cigarette Users Finally Get Some Good News! New CDC Data Is In Vapors Favor

The CDC has given out new information involving the battle between e-cigarettes and their criticizers. With a good amount of people seeing e-cigarettes as a gateway drug, anti-vapors completely trust that non-smokers will be drawn from e-cigarettes in to testing with the real thing. There’s also a panic of the unknown long-term impending effects of […]

Vaping Questions Answered!

With so much information out there about vaping, it’s sometimes difficult to choose what’s best for you. Whether you’re quitting tobacco products or just want to try vaping, it’s a matter of what you’re looking for.   Mods are either mechanical or variable when it comes to voltage/wattage. And there are 3 types of rebuidables: […]

Flavor Of The Week: French Horchata

This flavor is a mix of rich french vanilla, and creamy horchata with a dash of cinnamon!

Can E-Juices Cause Health Problems?

People are becoming more and more health conscious. With so many products to choose from, it’s not surprising to hear about concerns over e-juices. Reading labels and buying organic produce is now a priority. Consumers are also concerned about the safety of e-juices. People assume that if you’re “smoking” something, it has to be unhealthy, […]

Types of Ecigs and Vapes

There are different types of ecigs and vaporizers, and the eliquids used in them. There are cartomizers, atomizers, eGo ecigs (vape pens), mechanical mods (RBA), e-juice/e-liquid, and nicotine strengths. The ‘cigalikes’ mimic traditional tobacco cigarettes but they consist of a battery and cartomizer. Cartomizers consist of a cartridge that holds the nicotine and e- liquid and […]

Vaping Does Not Have The Same Risks Associated With Second Hand Cigarette Smoke

Vaping Does Not Have The Same Risks Associated With Second Hand Cigarette Smoke   Too many questions about why you vape this holiday season? SFATA just released a Top 10 Vapor Fact slideshow. Here are a few of them: Published data found that there is no evidence that would warrant health concerns associated with with […]

Learning About Your eGo?

Learning About Your eGo?   An eGo e-cig is simply an easy-to-use vape pen. It’s the easiest way to begin vaping. This type of vape pen comes with variable battery sizes, voltage, and power. The eGo batteries have a 510 with eGo threading to accommodate various clearomizers. They also have varying power including 650mAh, 900mAh, […]

Info For Sub-Ohm Vapers

If you are trying to understand sub-ohm vaping, remember, too much information all at once can leave a person confused. This blog will help you understand more clearly. Whether you vape to relax or you’ve just quit smoking cigarettes, or you’re a ‘hobbyist’ and just need a little info, here’s what you need to know.Sub-ohm […]

Flavor of The Week – Unicorn Blood

We our proud to announce that this week’s flavor of the week is Unicorn’s Blood. Unicorn Blood is a powerful mixture of fruits from sour to sweet that will give you a bright flavor profile with every drag! This flavor will only be available in-store ONLY at any of our locations in Texas & Pennsylvania. 30ml Unicorn’s Blood […]

Is Vaping For You?

Is Vaping For You? There’s now a way to quit smoking and smoke at the same time. It’s called vaping. Years ago, a smoker had to go cold turkey to quit the unhealthy habit. Now you can keep right on smoking, but there’s a new kid on the block. It’s called vaping. It’s an electronic […]