Is Vaping For You?
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Is Vaping For You?

There’s now a way to quit smoking and smoke at the same time. It’s called vaping. Years ago, a smoker had to go cold turkey to quit the unhealthy habit. Now you can keep right on smoking, but there’s a new kid on the block. It’s called vaping. It’s an electronic cigarette, or eCig, and it’s becoming a very popular way to quit tobacco. No withdrawal, no mood swings and no jitters.


In the past, a family physician would often prescribe a drug to help with quitting tobacco. Nicotine gum and nicotine patches were the alternative – good ideas but did not take away the mental and physical aspects of smoking. The older “eCIGS” had the look and feel of cigarettes and included nicotine and flavored juices. However, they became expensive over time and did not create a satisfying smoking experience. Smokers quit ecigs and went back to real tobacco. These days, the little ‘eCIGS’ are considered old school and are often used for emergency smoking. Finally someone came up with a better idea. It’s called vaping. It’s the best non-smoking experience around.


Smoking is achieved with a vapor of steam produced by a process called electropressure . This process produces a steam resistance in an electronic device which in turn creates the smoke vapor that has the same look and feel in the throat and lungs as real smoke. When the ‘smoke’ is exhaled, it goes into the air leaving no lingering odors. You can even blow smoke rings with the vapor. The area remains fresh and free of chemicals that normally would be left behind. The vape user can smoke pretty much where it is allowed. No more residue.


The vape atomizer works similar to pouring water through a funnel creating ‘a current of water’ measured in gallons per minute. In a vape, instead of water flowing through a hose, a current of electricity flows through one or two wires. Instead of gallons per minute, you have electrical current which is measured in amps. Electric current flows through a wire and causes friction which generates heat. Power is the rate that current is converted to heat and then is measured into watts. In the water and hose example, the higher the hose is held, the higher the flow rate. In the vape, voltage is called electropressure. Voltage pushes the current through the wire. When voltage is raised, the electrical pressure goes up and the current flow increases thereby increasing the power.


This is a simple explanation about how a vape system works in creating the smoke. Talk to a vape shop employee who can demonstrate the process for you and allow you to try the product. Ejuices used in a vape come in many flavors. For the smoker who wants to quit tobacco products, nicotine is also available in varying doses. Weaning off of nicotine can be easy with a vape.


Talk to your local vapor store for more information. They can be found in shopping malls in kiosks and in vape stores. Before you light another tobacco product, look into vaping.