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American Cancer Society Backs E-cigs

Global health juggernaut, The American Cancer Society, has finally weighed in on the vape debate. Siding with proponents, advocates, and many other international health organizations in recent weeks.   “Adult smokers who can’t quit [smoking] or use approved cessation methods should be encouraged to switch to electronic cigarettes.” – American Cancer Society   The statement […]

British Scientists Have Fully Endorsed Vaping

Across the pond over in the U.K. public health officials are urging smokers to switch to vaping according to Reuters.   Yes, you read that correctly. British public health officials are throwing their weight behind vaping. Calling e-cigs a way to save lives that might have been lost to smoking.   A review of evidence […]

How To Do These 4 Intermediate Vape Tricks

As vaping continues to rise in popularity, the number of awesome vape tricks being invented and performed is skyrocketing. Here are four vape tricks to try at home:   Note: These tricks require a good vape mod and sub-ohm vape tank.   1. The Dragon   This is one of the more extravagant vaping tricks, […]

Report Finds Definitive Evidence E-Cigs Less Harmful Than Cigs

The Vape Debate won big from a report published this month by The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicines. The report, titled Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes, was written to consolidate the scientific literature regarding the e-cigarettes. Specifically, what their level of harm to humans is as compared to their combustible alternatives. Here are […]

Why You Should Vape With Lab Created E-Juices

E-juices (a.k.a. e-liquids) are the crux of the vaping industry. Creating and enjoying a wide range of unique and delicious flavors is a big selling point for novice and expert vapers alike. And hands-down, the best quality e-juices are lab-created.   While it may be more cost-effective to try and create your own flavors, superior […]

Older Demographics Switching to Vaping

A growing number of individuals in the higher age brackets are turning to vaping to quit smoking. Older citizens, those 65 and up, usually have lower percentages of smokers than other demographics. Partially because of the mortality rate of traditional cigarettes—many people simply don’t make it to those ages. But there is a growing wave […]

2017: A Year in Review

Vaping made headlines throughout 2017. There were exciting products and industry trends, questions of political “foul play,” as well as historic international breakthroughs and scientific research. Here’s a quick recap of what 2017 brought to the vaping industry:   1. A numbers game   2017 was a playground for statistics and figures when it comes […]

More Debunked Vaping Myths

The internet. It’s a giant bowl of both information and misinformation, and because it’s open to anyone with a computer and an internet connection, this isn’t likely to change anytime soon. And when it comes to vaping, there seems to be more misinformation than accurate information most of the time.   From sites claiming direct […]

Proper Vaping Etiquette For The Holidays

As you’re probably aware, vaping has become quite the controversial issue here in the US. The FDA is fighting with vaping industry behemoths. Shop owners are fighting with the government. And public health officials still can’t agree how to classify vaping in relation to smoking.   While vaping has been adopted by former cigarette smokers […]

Cigarette Smoking Is Down

Recent surveys show a significant reduction in teen smoking.   In a study by the University of Michigan, it was found that only 9.7 percent of high school seniors have smoked cigarettes. Great news considering that decades ago most teens had at least tried smoking. After the Surgeon General announced that cigarette smoking caused lung […]