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Quit Smoking by Vaping

Whether vaping is a safe way for traditional cigarette smokers to quit or cut-down on their smoking is one of the hottest ongoing debates today. Web MD states current evidence suggests that smoking e-cigarettes may be safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. The toxins given off by tobacco products is one of the biggest health risks […]

Is Secondhand Vapor As Harmful As Secondhand Cigarette Smoke?

Anyone who uses electronic cigarettes knows that the idea that second hand vapor or “passive vaping” is just as dangerous as second hand cigarette smoking is absolutely ridiculous. First off, this is a claim based off of very few studies all with varying results. Even when looking closer into the studies that have found any kind […]

Electronic Cigarettes eJuices Bottles Have Changes Coming Their Way

A recent bill was passed regarding electronic cigarettes’ eJuice bottles. According to this bill, the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act, all lids of eJuice bottles now require there to be a child safety feature included. Because of a few incidents of children getting their hands on eJuices and in turn getting poisoned from eLiquids. This […]

Vaping Finally Gets A Victory In New York

Little did anyone think that a judge would be siding with e-cigarettes so soon, but one judge in New York finally did rule in e-cigs favor. There was a case called, “People vs. Thomas” where there was an individual vaping from his e-cigarette on a subway platform and apparently got cited for doing so. This individual did […]

3 Unique Techniques To Vaping

The Hybrid Hit This is a good method if you enjoy thoroughly tasting the flavor of the e-juices. This is also a preferable method if you like taking one of those huge hits that produce a sizeable cloud. It includes the person vaping to draw in the vapor into the mouth. Do not fully inhale though. […]

Nitrosamines and Electronic Cigarettes?

Most likely when you hear about e-cigarettes being criticized for having nitrosamines, it is coming from people or groups who are misinformed or will always form that opinion on anything related to smoking. There is probably a pretty good chance they have never been told that nitrosamines are nearly undetectable in e-cigarettes or just don’t […]

Don’t Let the Doubters Fool You; Vapor is Not Harmful To Your Lungs

There has been a big debate for years now about whether or not e-cigarette vapor is harmful to the lungs or not. A study recently conducted by the BAT (British American Tobacco) concluded that vapor from e-cigarettes in fact does not cause harm to the lungs.  MatTek Corporation created models of human lung cells for this […]

How Much Damage Does Smokeless Tobacco Really Cause?

When you think about mouth cancer or learn about it, was smokeless tobacco products ever mentioned? Sometimes yes, but most of the time not. Even though it is not normally thought to be as serious as smoke, have you ever thought about how smokeless tobacco affects your body? Does it put you at higher risk […]

Normal Cigarettes VS E-Cigarettes: Telling The Difference

The research and evidence has been apparent for a long time now about how smoking tobacco cigarettes has a drastic negative effect on your body. They have the potential to damage each and every one of your organs and they put you at serious risk for any kind of smoking related illness. With all of […]

Killing Your E-cig Germs

Typical e-cig users usually think about what Eliquid flavor they want to buy next, not how many germs are regularly on it. Food particles and saliva get all throughout the e-cig and creates a nasty build up. Anyone who has vaped for a while has most likely encountered this at one point or another. Cleaning […]